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We offer a broad line of refractories that include fused and tabular aluminas, fused silica, zircon, aluminosilicate and zirconia. The selection process is initiated by first understanding specific customer needs and then recommending a system that prioritizes the various success criteria: thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, permeability, alloy reactivity, ease of shell removal, strength of shell, particle sizes, etc.

  • Custom Grinding/Blending of Most Refractories
  • Excellent Quality Control to Maintain Particle Size Distribution and Minimize Dust
  • World-Class Technical Support
  • State-of-the-Art R&D Laboratories


  • Very low reactivity (good for prime coats)
  • Fine particle size for good surface quality
  • High strength
  • Excellent rheology
  • High solids loading capability


  • Extremely tight particle size distribution control to minimize dust and maximize shell strength
  • Excellent refractoriness
  • Good strength
  • Wide variety of stucco sizes
  • Relatively low thermal expansion
  • Economical
  • Available in 47%, 60% or 70% Alumina content

We offer a complete range of supplementary products including mold releases, pattern washes, anti-foams, wetting agents, core mixes & binders, and hot toppings are available. These products are used throughout the investment casting process to improve a multitude of performance characteristics.

We are always available to show customers how these specialty products can improve the PIC process.

Environmentally safe, citrus based wax cleaner that can be used on all types of filled and unfilled waxes and does an exceptional job on bisphenol filled waxes. This 100% water soluble cleaner provides an excellent etch and can be diluted to provide better economy.

A silicone based antifoam that provides immediate defoaming action, long-term foam prevention and good stability. Uniquely suited for alkaline colloidal silica slurries.

Burst® RSD-10
Provides outstanding performance under many different conditions and gives the most rapid break down of foam and release of air bubbles. Compatible with many wetting agents, it is compatible with both alkaline and acidic binder systems.

Provides good wetting of waxes, fast wetting-in of slurry refractories and does not degrade slurry life. It also has good dispersing and emulsifying properties and is stable in both acidic and basic pHs.

Fused Silica
Saunders Foundry Supply has been distributing FUSED SILICA from PEMCO for more than 15 years. Our Fused Silica is made from high purity silica, under unique fusion technique, thus ensuring its high quality. It is over 99% amorphous with extremely low coefficient of expansion and high resistance to thermal shocks. It is inert, has excellent chemical stability and extremely low electrical conductivity. We welcome the opportunity to quote on your specialized needs.”

Because of these characteristics, FUSED SILICA finds many uses, including:
Investment casting, Refractory and Ceramic applicationsFUSED SILICA Data Chart



SiO2      99.80%

Magnetics                         0.004%

Al2O3     0.05

PH                                   7.0 max

Fe2O3    0.015

Sp. Gravity                        2.21 g/cc

Na2O     0.007

Coeff. Therm. Exp.             0.5 x 10 -6/°c

Ka2O     0.003

Bulk Density                      65-75 lb/ft3

TiO2      0.010


CaO      0.010


MgO      0.003


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