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Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc.
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Wax Pots / Turntable Mixers / Fluidized Beds
Custom and Standard wax melting tanks and pots made
to customer specifications.

Saunders Burn-out

This furnace is designed to dewax and preheat investment molds.

Metal Melting

Saunders Foundry Supply has been a distributor of MIFCO metal melting furnaces for                               more than 30 years.

We offer a refractories that include fused and tabular aluminas, fused silica, zirconia and aluminosilicate

Wax/Molding Rubber/

Saunders Foundry Supply is the only full service supplier to the Molding and Casting Industry.

Safety Clothing

We have been supplying Engineered Ceramics Crucibles to the casting industry for more                        than 20 years.

Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc.