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Crucibles / Safety Clothing


We have available a very wide selection of crucibles including Morganite, Bartley and Engineered Ceramics.

Saunders Foundry Supply has been supplying Engineered Ceramics Crucibles to the Investment Casting Industry for more than 20 years. EC is known across the industry for high quality, cost effective refractories for melting and transfer applications. We are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs, competitive prices, on-time delivery and the shortest lead times. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you

Metal Melting and Transfer
(Crucibles/Pots, Ladle Liners)

Crucibles Image 2 High Alumina (HYcor®), Fused Silica, MOR Shock Mullite, and Spinel deliver excellent thermal shock resistance to minimize spalling and casting inclusions. These quality products are far more cost-effective to use than rammed liners. Our melting capabilities range from crucibles with 1 to 4,000 lbs. working capacity and ladle liners with capacities up to 2000 lbs.


Ladle Liners

Ladle Liner

Ladle Liners provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional rammed linings. You can choose from our current size list or we can make a custom size for your application. Manufactured from the same pre-fired materials as our crucibles, refractory inclusions are reduced dramatically.

Ladle liners are available in a variety of sizes and spout configurations as well as open-top and bottom-pour designs. Our unique monolithic bottom-pour ladle liner has a skimmer that is formed into the ladle walls resulting in one-piece design. Unlike other manufacturers' bottom-pour ladles, this design provides for a stronger ladle and minimizes the possibility of skimmer failures.

A person using a Ladle LinerWe have been supplying crucibles manufactured by Morganite Crucible for more than 40 years. Starrbide is a high quality tar-bonded silicon carbide crucible. It is designed to provide reliable performance across the full range of non-ferrous melting and holding applications with consistent performance for aluminum as well as for higher temperature alloys such as brass and bronzes. INDUX is a high quality ceramic bonded clay graphite crucible range manufactured to provide controlled graphite alignment and optimized electrical properties to suit specific frequency ranges for induction melting applications.

Crucibles Image 1

For more than 20 years, Saunders Foundry Supply has been a distributor for Bartley Crucible & Refractories. Originally they manufactured only clay bonded graphite and magnesia crucibles. To meet the needs of present day crucible applications they now manufacture crucibles and refractory related products in more than ten different compositions. They remain committed to producing the finest crucibles and refractories in the industry and their unique blend of technology and experience has provided our customers with cost effective solutions and on time deliveries for many years. They also have the capability to produce, design and develop special shapes to meet your particular requirements. Many crucibles are available immediately from open stock.



 Safety Clothing

Safety Clothing : Hood, Gloves, Coat

High Temperature Aluminized Protective Clothing
Our high temperature protective clothing uses aluminized fabrics for primary protection. Aluminized fabrics provide abrasion resistance, reflectivity, wear resistance, and some afford molten metal splash resistance. This selection of protective clothing helps shed both ferrous and non ferrous molten metals.

Our primary protection is designed for workers exposed to radiant heat, molten metal, sparks as well as varying conditions of extreme thermal temperatures. We offer over 3,000 safety products essential for head, body, hand, and leg and foot protection to serve your employees in a variety of work environments.

Aluminized Thermonol Coat 50"

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • 50" length with split tail
  • Lay down collar FR cotton lined
  • Semi-raglan sleeve for room and comfort
  • Covered snap closure
  • Snap adjustment at wrists
  • Seams are sew-serged and safety stitched for added wear
  • Size: Large through 2XLarge

Aluminzed Thermonol Jacket 35"

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • 35" length
  • Lay down collar FR cotton lined
  • Semi-raglan sleeve for room and comfort
  • Covered snap closure
  • Snap adjustment at wrists
  • Seams are sew-serged and safety stitched for added wear
  • Size: Large through 2XLarge

Aluminized Thermonol Bib Apron

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • Adjustable web neck and waist straps attach with slide snap
  • All edges are serged to prevent raveling
  • 24" width x 39" length

Aluminized Thermonol Hood w/ No Hard Cap

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • Swing open 7" x 11" LEXAN® facepiece
  • Kwik-Klip for hard cap (WITHOUT HARD CAP)

             KEVLAR® thread sewn

Aluminized Thermonol Hood w/ Hard Cap

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • Swing open 7" x 11" Lexan® facepiece
  • Kwik-Klip and hard cap

             Kevlar® thread sewn

Aluminized Thermonol Overpant

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • Reinforced waistband, suspender buttons
    and leather belt loops
  • Covered snap fly front closure
  • Size: Large through 2XLarge
  • Fits 30"-34" inseams

             Order 4-way suspenders separately

Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Leggings

  • Springless Style Leggings
  • 19 oz. Aluminized CARBON/KEVLAR®
  • 16" length, 5" flare
  • Rear VELCRO® closure with pull tab for easy removal
  • Flare is KEVLAR® thread sewn with a malleable metal instep clamp under flare
  • Size: Large through X-Large

Aluminized Thermonol Cover Boot

  • 19 oz. Aluminized Thermonol
  • Grip tread sole KEVLAR® thread sewn to main body and reinforced with rivets
  • Fits up to shoe size 13

Aluminized Thermonol Glove w/ Thermonol Palm 14"

  • 22 oz. Aluminized thermonol
  • 11 oz. wool lining
  • 14" length
  • Clute cut, set in thumb style
  • KEVLAR® thread sewn

Up to 6' 2" in height
Order the 50" Length Coat & Leggings

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