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Saunders Foundry Burn-Out Furnaces

Gas-fired incinomite burners
Indicating Pyrometer
Maximum temperature 1800F

Roll out bottom cart
Water filled pan to collect molten wax
Refractory Hearth

This furnace is designed to dewax and preheat investment molds. Method of operation is as follows:

    1. Start burners and allow furnace to come to desired temperature. Fifteen to twenty minutes are required.

    2. Roll out cart and load molds, sprues down, on drain ports in hearth.

    3. Close cart.

Wax runs out into water filled pan. Excess wax may be skimmed off or, by installation of a water-circulating pump, (optional extra) may be made to flow into collecting tank.

Furnace is constructed of sheet steel shell with angle iron legs and frame. Heat chamber and door are lined with fiber screw lock modules; hearth is insulating castable with hard surface plates.

We recommend that an afterburner be fitted on the flue giving effective combustion of visible carbon smoke. An enlarged swirl chamber establishes a 2.5 second dwell time and exposure to oxidizing flame.

Custom sizes are available. We welcome the opportunity to quote on your requirements.

Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc.