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Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc.
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About Us

Precision Investment Casting has ancient, worldwide origins. Using lost wax techniques, art objects were cast in gold and bronze by the Egyptians, the Incas and the Chinese, dating back to the earliest records of each culture. In modern times, everything that flies, generates electricity, cuts metal, handles liquids, processes food, examines or patches your body - to name just a few areas - depends on Precision Investment Casting for the key components.

Saunders Equipment, Inc. and Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc. have been the principal suppliers to the precision investment casting industry since its inception as a modern industrial technique in the 1940s. In addition to equipment, we offer a complete line of operating supplies which are detailed here on our website. Additional information on all equipment and process supplies is available on request.

We also serve related industries such as art casting including the next generation of artists through schools and universities nationwide, architectural restoration and concrete casting, precious metals recovery and refining, and aluminum casting in all forms including permanent mold, low pressure and sand. From bits and spurs in Pakistan to the future of space travel at NASA, our worldwide list of customers is exploring and serving all possible areas.

Saunders Foundry Supply, Inc.